Academy Skills Training

The Spring soccer season is right around the corner. Technical development is a year round commitment! A player that understands this spends time year round working to improve his/her game! JDM Academy Skills Training Programs provide all-encompassing training and an encouraging learning environment to help every player improve exponentially. Registrations for JDM Academy Skills Training are underway.

Private 1-on-1 lessons

Every soccer player has specific areas of their game that they need to work on. Whether it is strengthening their weaker foot, improving defensively, making successful long passes or improving their first touch, there are certain things that can’t be worked on in large groups. During team practices, coaches must work with the group as a whole and cannot always work on specific skills with individual players. This is where private training can be highly beneficial

Private group lessons

We understand that the cost of Private Individual Lessons can be a deterrent when seeking out much needed and highly beneficial instructions for your child(ren). However, with our Private Group Lessons, the cost is shared. If you are interested in private lessons for child(ren) and have friends who are interested in private lessons for their children as well, you form a group of up to 8 players and sign up for lessons as a group.

Team training programs

JDM International Soccer Academy provides training for Teams of all ages and levels, whether it be a recreational or a high level premier team. Depending on your team’s specific needs, our Trainers and Coaches will come to your team’s location once or twice a week to train for a 1 hour 30 minute session. Your team’s training curriculum will be designed to address your precise areas of concerns and goals for the season. 

goalkeeper training

JDM International Soccer Academy offers goalkeeper training. This special program addresses the specific technical complexities in the goalie’s role. using our tailor made exercises and a carefully planned method, goalkeepers will be able to refine their skills and gain an inside-out understanding of this complex and fundamental role. Goalkeepers are sometimes integrated into small-sided games and full matches.

What Our Customers say

Jerome is one of the best coaches my son Tony has ever had. He is great at encouraging and bringing the best out of my son. Jerome is patient, and goes out of his way to help each child. He has given Tony a great foundation. We love our experience with JDMI, and hope to do private lessons in the near future!

Jacquelyn Cook

Jerome is so passionate about soccer and it shows in the way he works with his students. Not only is he a great trainer, his positivity and encouragement are two attributes he posses, along with many more. These two are most important to our family. Our sons confidence has improved. That means a lot to a 12 year old young man and this family.

Ann Enlow