About Us

About our Academy


JDM International Soccer Academy Training Programs follow a researched and proven approach to player development. The following information introduces our philosophy, player development rationale and the methods that are used to deliver our curriculum.

Vision & Mission Statement

To provide a highly positive environment for players to receive TOP Caliber Instruction that will equip them with the necessary Technical Skills, Physical Prowess and Mental Toughness/Attitude to compete and excel at the highest levels of competition.

Player Development Philosophy

Create a FUN and CHALLENGING environment where players have the opportunity to LEARN.

Player Development Rationale

JDM International Soccer Academy operates a building block approach to Player Development. Players follow an initial path heavily focused on technique and skill development, and as competency increases tactical elements are introduced. Within each building block an extensive curriculum is designed to focus on the necessary skill set. Proficiency within each block is important to ensure that the player has acquired the required skills to support their development at the next stage of the curriculum. Each building block is tied closely together. As a player progresses through the system they will continue to work on elements of preceding stages to ensure they are consistently and simultaneously challenged on both fundamental and advanced levels.