Technical Aspects

Running with the ball

Important Techniques and Concepts of Focus:

  • Turning
  • Trapping the ball
  • Protecting/shielding
  • Peripheral vision
  • Surface of contact
  • Speed of execution.
  • Right distance between ball and foot
  • Good balance.
  • Playing the ball using the foot furthest from the opponent
  • Use of both feet and more


 Important Techniques and Concepts of Focus:

  • Types of pass (short, medium, long)
  • Varieties of pass (to feet, through-ball)
  • Passing line
  • Important concepts to highlight:
  • Surfaces of contact:
    • Interior side-foot: larger surface, safer and more accurate (short passes)
    • Instep: medium and long distance passes.
  • Speed and intensity of passes.
  • Correct position of the supporting foot.
  • Use of both feet
  • Field of vision
  • Orientation depending on opponent
  • Control with the furthest foot


 Important Techniques and Concepts of Focus:

  • Exclusive attention on the game.
  • Vision of the ball and opponents.
  • Speed of movement.
  • Sense of attacking play.
  • Self-conviction.
  • Continuing the game


Phases of dribbling:

  • Physical or technical feint (before contact with the ball, in order to trick the defender)
  • Outward movement with outer side of foot  (to move the ball away from the opponent, putting our body between the defender and the ball)
  • Change of pace (to make the most of our movements and leave the defender behind)
  • Types of dribbling:
    • Physical feint.
    • Fake kick.
    • Step-over.
    • Interior-interior.
    • Interior-exterior.
    • Exterior-interior.
    • Step-over turn.


 Important Techniques and Concepts of Focus:

  • Orientation of the face with respect to the ball.
  • Anticipation, decision and forcefulness.
  • Dual vision: player-ball
  • Best moment: when the ball is furthest from the opponent, opponent distracted and less protected.
  • Keeping one’s balance when opponent sells dummies.
  • Right distance depending on the opponent’s characteristics

Long distance shooting

  • Movement of opposite arm before (circular movement), during (keeping the arm up) and after shooting (balance the body).
  • The supporting leg: used to direct the shoot. Important: focus on distance and alignment between supporting foot and ball.
  • Contact surface: frontal instep, (the “bone”)
  • Run up: Diagonal run

Short distance shooting

  • Using of interior side of feet.
  • Keeping the head up
  • Close to posts
  • Ground ball

Heading the ball (optional)



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