Specific Goalkeeper Training Program

Specific goalkeeper training available. This special program will address the specific technical complexities in the goalie’s role. With the help from tailor made exercises and a carefully planned method, you will be able to refine your skills and to have an inside-out understanding of this complex and fundamental role. Goalkeepers are integrated into small-sided games and full matches.




Areas of focus are:

  • Positioning, reducing angles, stop front and short service with the hand.
  • Stop lateral and long service with the hand.
  • Reject and prolongation of the ball.
  • Air game (ball in the air) and ability in the one v one.
  • Periphery vision and reading of the game. Service with  hand and no hand.
  • The long pass and foot service.
  • Stop lateral and long service with the hand. Visual ability.
  • Air game and clearing of ball.
  • Clearance of fists and real situation of match. 



Specific Goalkeeper Training Program Fees:

Per Session: $50

Package Pricing: Blocks of 8 or 16 Sessions

8 Sessions: $300

16 Sessions: $600

The Fees Include:

  • Coaches Salary
  • Academy Technical Training, Speed & Agility Training and Performance Training (1 hour session)
  • Field Maintenance
  • Academy Training T-Shirt
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